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A Concise History of the House – 111 Hutt St Adelaide

Known as ‘Landunna’ and ‘Ulysses’ during the past 150 years, the house has a rich and interesting history. 

The property at 111 Hutt Street boasts a rich history spanning 150 years. Originally known as Town Acre 361, it was purchased by John Rounsevell in July 1872. Rounsevell, a prominent pastoralist, contractor, and Member of Adelaide City Council and State Parliament commissioned the construction of the impressive 20-room house. Completed in early 1873 for 1,750 pounds, Rounsevell resided there until his passing in 1902.

The McBride family, pastoralists associated with Burra, acquired the property in 1918 and retained ownership until Dr Harry Nott, Adelaide’s first radiologist, purchased the house in 1923. Nott transformed the property into a radiology practice and consulting room.

During the Second World War, the house served as an Officers’ Club for military officers from the United States of America based in South Australia. Mrs Avery, the owner, then renamed the property ‘Ulysses’ and removed the striking verandas that Dr Nott had added.

Following Mrs. Avery’s death in 1944, the property exchanged hands numerous times until it was acquired by The Naval, Military, and Air Force Club in 1957. The Club made several extensions over time, including adding a Billiards Room, a Squash Court, and two main Dining Rooms to improve the Club’s amenities.

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