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Dress Standards

The Naval, Military and Air Force Club is one of the country's oldest private members' clubs. As a club, we uphold high standards of etiquette, dress, and behaviour expected of all members, guests, and visitors attending Non-Member/Private events. Members are responsible for informing their guests about the Club's dress standards and Code of Conduct, which must be adhered to at all times.

Club Casual

The Club's dress code is "Club Casual" and is acceptable in all areas of the Club unless otherwise notified by the Convener for Club Events. Gentlemen can wear collared open-neck shirts, plain polo shirts, dress trousers or chinos, smart and neat denim, and closed smart casual shoes, with the option to wear a jacket and tie. Ladies can wear blouses or shirts, cardigans or jumpers, slacks or casual trousers, smart and neat denim, knee-length skirts or dresses, and smart closed-toed shoes or dress sandals. Service personnel can wear neat uniforms that correspond to the working dress of the day, including Australian Multicam Uniform (AMCU or service equivalent) Barracks Dress but excluding AMCU Field Dress, Physical Training, and Sports Uniforms.

Jacket and Tie

Gentlemen are expected to wear a lounge suit or a well-tailored jacket and trousers. A collared and buttoned shirt, with a tie and polished dress shoes should complete the attire. It is mandatory to keep the jacket on at all times.

Ladies have several options for appropriate attire, including a long-sleeved blouse or jacket, pantsuit or skirt suit, jacket or blouse with a skirt or tailored trousers, knee-length dress, and formal or business shoes or dress sandals.

Service personnel are welcome to wear service dress, excluding AMCU barracks, AMCU field dress PT and sports. 

Medals may be worn as long as they are in accordance with the Club Policy and specified dress code. 

Formal Wear: Black Tie and Mess Dress

For gentlemen, the appropriate attire is a tuxedo or black dinner suit, a dinner shirt, a black tie, and polished formal shoes. 

For ladies, a full-length evening gown, cocktail dress, evening skirt, or evening trousers with a suitable evening top (which should not be too revealing or low-cut) and formal open-toed or dress shoes are suitable. 

Service and former serving personnel should wear mess dress with miniatures or the same attire as mentioned above with miniatures. Dress and bearing must comply with extant Uniform Regulations.

Please Note

Members are expected to inform their guests about the dress code for a specific event. Guests are required to meet the minimum Club Casual standard. For children over the age of 12, they should adhere as closely as possible to the Club dress standard for the appropriate event. Children under the age of 12 are permitted to wear smart casual attire. 

Resident guests are allowed to wear casual clothing to walk through the main hallway, but when using the Club's facilities, they must follow the Club's dress standards. 

The Long Tan Room may be accessed by members who are not compliant with the dress standards only through the rear door and are allowed to use the self-service facilities but may not enter the Member Areas of the Club when the room is not being used for an event or function.


When Medals are specified as being able to be worn for a particular event, please abide by the following references:

Not acceptable anywhere in the Club

Please note that the following clothing items are not permitted:

  • Denim that is ragged, faded, ripped, stonewashed, baggy, or dirty

  • High visibility clothing or overalls and dirty clothing of any kind

  • T-shirts, singlets, tank tops, shorts, and tops that expose the midriff

  • Short miniskirts, hoodies, tracksuits, leggings, and sporting brands or active-wear

  • Sandals or open-toed footwear for males, sneakers (fashion sneakers are acceptable), athletic shoes, thongs, or bare feet

  • Day wear at a Black-Tie event

  • Facial or offensive tattoos must be covered unless they relate to medical, religious, or cultural beliefs.

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