Dress Standards

We would be grateful if members and their guests dress in a dignified manner in all public areas of the Clubhouse.

Jacket and Tie

Gentlemen are expected to wear a jacket and tailored trousers, a shirt with a collar and tie at all times unless a more formal dress such as a lounge suit, black tie or uniform is specified. Ladies should dress conservatively and follow the same formal or smart casual dress code as gentlemen. Trousers, when worn, must be tailored. (Shorts, leggings, T-shirts, tracksuits, training shoes and similar casual wear are not permitted).

Club Casual

Club Casual attire for gentlemen means tailored trousers or neat denim jeans, shirts with collars and sleeves (long or short), worn with or without a jacket or tie, or worn with a conservative pullover. Ladies follow the same club casual code as gentlemen.

Private Functions                                                    

An organiser/convener who is hosting an event may select the dress code provided the event is being held in a private room. If guests wish to tour other areas of the Club, such as the Members Bar and Dining Room, then they must meet the minimum dress requirements. For Club events, the dress code will be explained in the event details.

Military Dress

Military dress uniforms may, of course, be worn at all times in the club.  Serving Military Members are to wear the dress of the day, and are to conform with extant Standing Orders of Dress for their individual service.

Mess Dress

Service Members and Retired Service Members, entitled to wear Mess Dress, are to conform with extant Standing Orders of Dress for their individual service when attending events specified as Black Tie/Mess Dress.


Please ensure that any guests you may bring into the Club also meet the above requirements. It is the responsibility of the Member to inform their guests in advance of the Club dress requirements, use of electronic devices and other Club protocols.

In-House Guests

Members and guests residing in the Club may wear an appropriate casual dress when entering or leaving the Club. If they wish to utilise the Members Bar, then they will need to meet the minimum dress requirement.

Wearing of Australian Honours and Awards at Club Events and Functions

Medals are worn in the position notified by the Governor-General in The Order of Wearing Australian Honours and Awards.  Fraudulent wear of medals is an offence under The Defence Act 1903, an act of the Commonwealth of Australia.

Members are reminded that awards or medals not in The Order of Wearing Australian Honours and Awards, such as state awards are to be worn on the right.