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Club Rules

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones must be turned off or switched to silent mode at all times inside the Club. Where the relevant dress code is Club Casual text messaging is permitted at all times; and calls may be answered discretely before immediately moving upstairs, in the phone permitted areas of the Club, or to any temporarily unoccupied room to continue the conversation. Members and their guests may not speak on the phone in the hallway as it disrupts diners in the adjacent rooms.

Where the relevant dress-code is Jacket and Tie, calls must not be answered (except medical pagers) and text-messaging is forbidden.

Business Papers/Laptops

The use of business papers, electronic tablets, laptops or similar devices is restricted to the booths only in the Members Bar, the Long Tan Room and the first floor.

Children 12 y/o + 

Permitted in the Club at all times under supervision of an adult. Refer below for dress requirements.

Children 7 y/o —12 y/o

Permitted in the Long Tan Bar or at a private event under the supervision of an adult at all times.

Children Attire

School uniform, smart casual or jacket and tie. Fleece jackets, sweatshirts or any coloured casual sports/leisurewear, rolled sleeves or athletic footwear are not permitted.

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